Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Association of Private Broadcasting and

Telecommunications e. V.


Luebeck, Wednesday, 14 January 2004

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Oscar Award/ CC

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Dear Sirs!

Today is Thursday (Thunder day in German-language) again and time for a thunderous letter that not only calls for reflection but also for action.

Since my person likes to watch American and German-Austrian feature films from the 1950s* in order to be able to dive into normality for a short time, I notice a few things in comparison to today's films that are not so easily accepted and have certainly not remained without consequences.

Even back then, glitz, glamour and luxury were popular in films or on the screen, and in comparison to today, not much has changed in this respect.

What has changed, however, is the art of acting, which has become unsurpassable; even small children aged 4, 5-7 can cry and act so truthfully in front of the camera and then* one simply has to speak of more than just a talent; then* one already has to speak of a grace.

Only one thing makes my person wonder; it is the multitude of gifted actors who will certainly have gone through the complete acting practice as children, as teenagers and young people, in order to then be able to slip into the role of someone else, especially as adults.

Now I don't personally know any professional actors, only those* through the entertainment programmes or events over the TV and have been able to notice with some that they partly carry their current role around with them.

Even in the family circle and on the street you can already see that some family series have been seen and have left their mark, because more people are talented for acting than you would even suspect.

All the fuss about prestige and luxury has been led in one direction by the media and has basically made something quite strange out of people by awakening desires and longings that have long been mixed with the subconscious, which advertising has recognised quite clearly and so many people often don't even know any more why they are restless, depressed and in search of recognition and something lasting and permanent that no one can take away from them, whereby the animal is increasingly given a leading role.

If you look at today's films, you will already notice that the films will usually be very expensive to produce, as action is shown through partly real explosions of mountains with visibly heavy debris, through explosions of buildings, chains of houses and even whole islands.*

But also natural disasters such as burning oil spills, hurricanes that can cover roofs, plane crashes as well as forest fires, floods and dike breaches, car accidents, mushroom clouds that can be shown, destroyed landscapes and much, much more, give rise to the suspicion that these scenes could be shown as real, as if the environment were actually being destroyed on this scale as seen.

Sometimes I wonder whether the directors are using more and more dynamite and whether a huge oil slick could really have been created just for the sake of the film; also, one could almost believe that many a filmmaker needed a small forest fire to get good scenes with good actors onto the screen or into the box, although normally those scenes are more likely to be staged or set by the many technical possibilities, such as digital applications.

Bridges are blown up, a cable car breaks off and plunges into the depths, trains derail and collide, ships sink, the air is coloured by clouds of mist and much, much more, but the best is yet to come!

According to the Empress, the Earth and the environment very often pay the real bill, and all because viewers spend a lot of money on the entertainment industry.

Quite enormous purchasing power and potential through action, violence, horror and sex is offered by the entertainment media.

It has become a safe business, as the earth and the environment cannot defend themselves either, to be able to make claims and not be able to testify that one or the other has actually caused a forest fire for his film in order to cheaply get one or more exciting nature recordings in the wrap for the viewer and if the recordings are not immediately perfect, then the whole thing is simply repeated until it is good enough for the people and for an award.

Not only does my person have the suspicion of such environmental destruction on a grand scale, but according to my observations and my knowledge of human nature, the filmmakers have already gone one step further, at least including the confidants, who will also be made up of the actors.

In this respect, it is a German-language film that also featured well-known German actors and was set in small villages in Africa.

In one scene, the colourful hustle and bustle of local African villagers was shown, where people were buying and selling in the marketplace. At that moment, a rifle was fired from ambush in an attempt to kill one of the main characters.

The German actors are already top-notch, certainly also because of their philosophy of life, but the Africans put even the most gifted of actors in the shade, because as real and true as an African was fatally shot by a bullet and was about to realise this, in that it was probably not an acted scene but a real shot and everyone else was literally running for their lives, my person has never before experienced the incomprehensible shock of a dying person in a film.

I didn't know that Africans were so gifted and talented in this respect.

Also, according to the script, another elderly man was brought to his relatives on a ladder truck as a mortally wounded man, but the first frozen look and the seconds of shock between the outcry of a black foreign-speaking African woman was extraordinary.

Although usually such dramatic scenes are exhausted, but shortly afterwards the German actor couple was shown outside the house, with the woman's screaming and wailing still audible.

What struck me additionally, however, was that when the German lead actor was injured by a previous fight, he played this scene differently than is usually the case. It was a quite well acted scene, which was also successful due to the scenes seen shortly before and which probably happened in real life.

All this was like a slap in the face for my person, as if I were exclusively among lunatics and deluded weirdos.

Fear of loonies gone mad came over me through this film, because even the actors have nothing but the Oscar on their minds and wish for nothing more than to be recognised among their peers, which can then be delivered with a thank-you in tears to all those involved through a large TV audience; especially the thank-you goes to those to whom one owes a great name.

After all, they have created a work of art that could go down in history.

Great doubts come over me in this regard, as my person has a very unusual distrust of people who have the urge to go public under a certain motivation, and even more so when it concerns acting.

Since I had not seen the film from the beginning, I wanted to make a note of the title of the film, because I resolved that these people should not have died in vain or for nothings.

When I read the title, I felt even worse and my suspicions were strengthened.

This film was shown last year; I noted the date, the title and the channel, also the approximate time, but I know that crimes can also lead to crimes, especially since this said association would have enough ways and means to get all witnesses out of the way and for this reason my person will not be able to give any information.

I very much hope that I am wrong, because to err is human, but it is very rare that I make allegations and suspicions that are completely unfounded.

The lead actor and actress were both moving at a detached level; the lead actor in particular was so good that the way to the next step of wanting to turn the play scenes into reality was there!

Yes, we have probably already come this far; all watching the environment being demolished and destroyed before our eyes and even Africans who cannot speak our language being sacrificed for good scenes to entertain the big audience.

Surely my person will again be the only one who has been watching and paying attention properly, you sick P.E.N. club, you!

Who actually guarantees that in the older films, especially those shot on the African steppes or in the jungle, the natives who made themselves available for the film as porters or warriors in return for a fee were not also killed quite deliberately by incited wild and dangerous animals or by knife wounds as well as by bows and arrows, poison and gunshots for the film?!*

No one would ask about an African from the jungle; no one would ask about individual natives and ancient tribes, as they are often not registered anywhere, cannot communicate with others linguistically and it is very often not uncommon to not live to see the next day as an African.

Who can guarantee that even young ambitious actresses who have gone to Hollywood under a stage name to make a career there have not really been raped and killed in front of the camera and no one will have asked about them!

Who will guarantee that more respected working groups will not go to Africa with film equipment to set the steppe on fire and to include some Africans in their real action scenes and perhaps pocket a nice bit of money for the organs available as a result, so that even more and even better films can be made in the name of art and culture?

You and your ilk will now guarantee this by watching all these films and having the people involved immediately banned!

You and your kind will guarantee that these films as well as no more psychological thrillers will be produced.

No more business in the entertainment industry, because no one seems to be able to keep their limits and the limits of others!    

No more dreams of wanting to become a star and of having become a star.

My person will take your dangerous toy away from you as quickly as possible and also have your bottom spanked!

It may not always have been the terrorists or juvenile arsonists in recent times, it may simply have been sick filmmakers looking for money and the Oscar!

P. p. Empress

It's not that nice to get the Oscar, especially if you also have a double; you can take my word for that!

HP: No one is the judge of the other, even if these abysses will open up!

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