Business Conduct

From: Ursula Sabisch <>

To: XYunsolved <cusxxx@xxxxxxxxxx

(Luebeck, 21.03.2017)

Free English translation on 29 October 2021.

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Today's Business

Conduct shapes tomorrow's People and applies to many Industries as well as to Public Relations!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you very much for your mail.

Regrettably, I cannot accept the date you mentioned regarding the termination of my contract, as my contract was terminated by my side on 21.12.2016 with due notice on 29 May 2017.

I specifically made this termination in my customer account as I trusted your company. Unfortunately, you have abused this trust as you have clearly built into the customer account, through your offered option to cancel, a deliberate option that presumably a third of your customers will "fall for" by demanding consequential terms of cancellation.

Curiously, you have set up your system so that an order cannot be lost. However, when a cancellation is made, it can obviously be lost, or rather, it will only possibly be held in the system under certain conditions that you impose, otherwise the cancellation will be deleted, with you giving a reason for your action.

For this reason, I contacted one of your employees by telephone to find out whether there had been any fraudulent deception for a one-year contract extension.

Regrettably, I found that you were using young people to support your business practices, in that such a young person was not even really aware of what kind of business he was supporting!

Quite the contrary, and you don't have to be an "Einstein" to see that!

You have knowingly built in the possibility to cancel via customer account, on the one hand to create trust and on the other hand so that a part of the customer contracts can be forcibly extended by a whole year by omitting a condition set by you, which will certainly be provable by some of these contracts and customers.

My person strongly advises you and your ilk to remove this possibility from your system or at least to renounce your additional conditions, which are by the way very dubious, such as demanding a recall of the customer, and to refrain from these conditions!

Of course, you could also dispense with this compulsory extension altogether and agree on a statutory termination as a follow-up contract.

At the outset, I hoped that I was dealing with a first-class company, as I am also extremely............................**., but a first-class company is characterised first and foremost by the fact that, as an employer, you do not directly or indirectly force an employee to sell himself and thus "his soul", but exclusively demand his labour, which must take place on a clean and fair basis towards the customer.

Of course, then you cannot show such numbers and orders that you would like to have. Nevertheless, you and many other suppliers in your industry will no longer be lured by touts, touts, touts and by high bonuses, in that your** workers will no longer have to act under pressure to perform; in other words:

Acting under the pressure of being able to lose one's job..........according to the motto: It must be possible, no matter how and by what means, mustn't it?

I advise you once again to deal with the facts and to clearly rethink your business behaviour, because some of your employees have already called me for less than a necessary** confirmation of a termination and that makes every customer wonder!

Incidentally, my person would immediately have every so-called employer thrown out on the street who uses his employees for questionable purposes and does not attach great importance to the actual working power and competence of an employee, you and your kind better not forget that!

Enclosed you will receive the proof of my termination through my person's customer account as an e-mail.

Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I have to include this e-mail in one of my homepages in order to protect your company, since my time is very limited and you are not the only ones who work with all options (with insidiousness and cunning) or rather have them acted upon!

Thus and not otherwise I remain with

kind regards, 

Ursula Sabisch

HP: I have of course forced this situation*, but not out of wantonness, but for quite compelling reasons that will probably make themselves felt sooner or later, especially in your industry. For this reason I need contact persons whom I can write to for a short time or once.

Therefore, next week you will receive a partially handwritten letter by letter post (e-mail)** in the matter and commission  of. ** Text changed

29.09.2019/ 10.02.2021 reviewed.

Your pathetic posturing and behaviour goes completely against the grain at the great expense of my person and against the sense of a complete and thinking person's right to exist!

You clearly lack leadership!