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Nuclear power plants and nuclear waste


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To the FRG and Sat Stations



Minister of the Interior N. Roettgen / Mr. R. Yogeshwar

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Luebeck, 10 November 2010

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Nuclear power plants and nuclear waste 

ARD Beckmann Talkshow/ 10:45 p.m. on 8.11.2010


Dear Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Unfortunately, I cannot avoid writing a clear letter to you and others regarding the question of extending the operating life of nuclear power plants.

In the above-mentioned talk show, it became quite clear that decisions of such magnitude, which remain valid for several million years and cannot be reversed, must first of all be questioned.

First of all, human beings must be aware of where their limits will be in the future, and they must know why the human mind was and is capable of producing energy made possible by nuclear fission.

The enormous risk behind this energy production is clear and known worldwide. 

It is therefore all the more incomprehensible that this source of energy should have been used and that nuclear energy should have been harnessed on a large scale without having been able and being able to stop the chain reaction of nuclear fission, which probably remains impossible even for the human mind.

These are fundamental questions that must be recorded for a future so that future generations cannot repeat this behaviour of mankind, because man is currently capable of at least wiping out the whole of mankind or even destroying the earth with nuclear weapons.

Back to the above-mentioned talk show, where the Minister of the Interior N. Roettgen, the Indian scientist Mr. R. Yogeshwar and "Countess" Mrs. Bernstorff were also invited.

Among other things, Mr Yogeshwar rightly explained there that our generation must economise with the earth's resources, as many resources will soon be exhausted.

At this point, too, it must be fundamentally questioned once again which generations have taken the lion's share and by what means this was made possible!

It was mainly nuclear energy that made it possible to exploit the earth in these dimensions and thus it was also these risky never-full-generations that are not to be complained about now either!! ! !

The question of "why these mentioned* (three/four) generations" has been asked, but an answer to this question should already have been found. 

To my person, at least, the answer is reasonably well known.

With regard to this answer, there are of course further questions, which are, for example, for me as an outsider with a sharper perspective:

Wendland, Gorleben? Asse? Where is the answer if one has to conclude .......................Apollo Optik...................................!

In addition, a nuclear power plant seen from a distance from above is comparable to self-laid minefields.

In the talk show, the new Minister of the Interior was put through his paces, but I think he did well with his arguments and his person.

But at this point, questions of principle come up again. Now, for example, the current Minister of the Interior is a straightforward person with clear principles and is now arguing for a cause he has taken on, such as the smooth Castor transport and the lifetime extension of nuclear power plants, because he cannot see any alternative.

The first question of principle arises from the fact that he has taken on a matter that is declared to be a nuclear compromise, but he did not agree to this nuclear compromise alone and had to bow to the majority in the Bundestag.

Even if he had made a completely different decision and had a different opinion, he would now have to stand behind the majority decision of the government and represent it in public.

Of course, he then has the opportunity to make it clear that he did not decide on such a matter alone and of course he can then also say that he will not immediately say goodbye to the party if things do not go his way, which Mr Roettgen also made clear.

And this is the crux of the matter.

Mr Röttgen creates trust for the people, for example through his biography, competence and intelligence, but he himself has to deal with his party comrades and the coalition when decisions have to be made, which is difficult enough.

And that's not all, because there is also an opposition that has plenty of seats in the Bundestag and wants to have its say.

In doing so, every member of the Bundestag does not want to be overheard and, in doing so, he or she wants to take over the business of government, which is for the most part conducted in public, through the votes of the people, no matter what essential issues are at the moment, which becomes particularly clear during an election campaign.

This form of government and formation of government alone cannot produce the optimal decision or find the optimal law; it does not have to, but a lot of nonsense can come out of such constellations.

It is almost exclusively compromises that are made, which unfortunately also applies to such serious decisions and no one can be held responsible for a wrong decision of such proportions, which would also no longer be possible for natural reasons!

The next fundamental question would then be about the nuclear power plant operators of neighbouring countries and the world.

What is the point for the FRG, for example, if France or Iran reprocess the "breeder reactors" and do not want to or cannot spend the funds or the billions for a complete "inspection of the nuclear reactors"?

Switching to a different energy supply costs money and sets back overall economic growth if others are simultaneously upgrading nuclear power.

Even if some nuclear power plants were to "go up" in the USA or Korea, the FRG and Europe would not escape unscathed or vice versa.

It has to be said quite clearly that not every state spends or can spend billions on an inspection of a nuclear power plant, and it also has to be said quite clearly that nowadays almost everyone has their price; especially when it comes to sums of several millions, corruption is the order of the day!! !

But even for much less money it is possible to "buy" security personnel and waste disposal personnel, and that worldwide. Everywhere a blind eye is turned here and there and a small gift is slipped across the table. 

There are exceptions that prove the rule and such an exception was a guest on the above talk show.

It was Mrs Bernstorff, who so far has not wanted to cede the land entrusted to her and her family for a temporary repository for nuclear waste.

However, I would like to make it clear right away for a future that there will be no one who can claim, for example, lands of these dimensions, forests, lakes, ore mines, oil wells, stone mines or any other kind of real estate or property.

No ancestor can get hold of such commons by his own hands, but only by cunning and shrewdness, which incidentally also applies to any title of nobility that is not God-given.  Quite apart from this, a God-given title of nobility cannot be inherited.

However, as a stewardship family, the above-mentioned lady has made a count's name for herself by providing for the people and for nature from the surrounding countryside and foregoing a fat double-digit million sum.

Not to forget the demonstrators or opponents of nuclear power on the Castor transport who lined up in the cold to send a clear signal and who had to put their time and health on the line out of conviction.

Basically, I would like to say that a politician must also follow his conviction and if he is outvoted, he must ensure that he can assert or implement* his conviction by calling in scientists, geologists and engineers, for example.

The present parliamentary form of government, for example that of the FRG, is no longer sustainable for these difficult times and is also no longer justifiable.

It was shown in a film how the dangerous nuclear waste barrels were improperly disposed of in the temporary final salt storage facility in Asse a few years ago and how it was later discovered that the groundwater under the salt storage facility was contaminated with nuclear waste, but no consequences were drawn.

Regrettably, there was no mention of leukaemia or other abnormalities occurring in the vicinity of nuclear power plants or the nuclear waste repository.

A few years ago, it was announced on the radio that some nuclear waste barrels from countries that were even poorer at the time had been thrown into the sea, because that's the only way to get a piece of the big pie, isn't it?

You and others have recently announced that there is still no proper final repository in the world.

But there are already some countries that are of a completely different opinion, because what are the oceans and their depths for?

Not every tsunami has to be caused by the forces of nature, because at some point such a "tin can" will bang in the ocean depths and then "with a lot of luck only" an unbelievable pressure wave will be created, which will literally build up!

                                                              Ursula Sabisch


HP: The safest and most efficient source of energy is provided by nature, with body power in first place, which, combined with the physical laws of mechanics, followed by wind power and water power, should be sufficient to enable a much more natural and healthy life.

Solar energy** then carries extremely high risks when worlds will open up beyond the horizon and thus this energy source is also too high a risk factor!  (Business plan required) **

08 September 2019*

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